Extracting Exchange Kinetic Parameters from ZZ / Nz type NMR Spectra.

This has been coded in python3 and uploaded to my GitHub site. You can find more details here.

Poisson Gap Sampling Scheduler for Topspin 3.0+

A tarball for the Poisson Gap Sampling Scheduler Macro for Bruker Topspincan be downloaded from here. Get the file, untar it and read the readme file for installation details.

Poisson Gap Sampling Scheduler for Topspin 3.0+ and 4.0+

New Macro for Poisson Gap Sampling can be found here: https://github.com/nomadiq/nusPGS_TS3_TS4_Distro

Non-Uniform Sampling with hmsIST Resource Page

An extensive manual and resource page for the hmsIST reconstruction of Non-uniform Sampled data was originally placed under Gerhard Wagner’s web page. Because HMS is always changing things I moved my contributions to this location.