I had a another nice walk in the Middlesex Fells this weekend – just a quick one really with the dog this time. We happened to stumble upon this nice cluster of mushrooms, however. If anyone knows what species they are, I’d love to know! I have never seen such a cool cluster of mushrooms.

Oh, and this variety too was near by. Again, a huge patch, but I think slightly different species.

Update 2018/01/29:

Both of these patches of mushrooms were almost certainly honey mushrooms (Armillaria mellea)


Hiatus is over…

<stream of consciouness>

My last blog post was way back in February 2014. Thinking back now its obvious to me why I stopped blogging here then. My life took a serious detour. Truth be known I have been blogging elsewhere – a far more personal (and anonymous) blog. The problem with anonymity is the posts are disconnected from a person. I don’t own them the way I would like. And while I have my reasons for having a anonymous period, that writing can’t be fully integrated into who I am. Here (this blog) I am who I am. Science weirdo. Sometimes obsessive. Mostly completely ignoring this place.

So this is why I’m back here. Well other reasons too. Reason the first) I think I have something to say and I think I should communicate that. Reason the second) I still have lots of technical things I like to explore and discuss. But from time to time I will incorporate less technical topics and perhaps more personal topics into this blog. Well, we’ll see how that goes.

</stream of consciouness>

Life goes on. You still get to score a goal from time to time. And you never ever stop learning more about yourself.